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LegalTech presentation by FormalDocs at Carlos III University Madrid

11 Dic 2017

FormalDocs was recently invited to participate as a speaker at the LegalTech event organised by Start UC3M at the University Carlos III of Madrid.

Start UC3M is an organization founded at the University Carlos III of Madrid which aims to enliven an entrepreneurial spirit among students, encourage the establishment and development of start-ups and connect established start-ups with young talent. 

This LegalTech event involved the invitation of CEO’s of legal start-ups who are championing major transformations in the sector. The main objectives of this event were twofold; to inspire and guide interested students who seek to become more involved in the sector whilst making known these particular legal-start-ups to students who are innovating in a variety of sectors. The event consisted in a presentation given by each CEO, a panel discussion and time for networking.

At FormalDocs, we had the great pleasure of participating along with two large LegalTech companies including El Reclamador and FinBoot.

Along with these start-ups, we placed a great emphasis on the importance of being centralised within an innovative environment based upon entrepreneurial competitions and enterprise accelerators in which we are able to connect and share ideas. 

LegalTech is an industry which is currently in a state of expansion which utilises technology to assist individuals and companies to facilitate legal processes and improve inefficiencies.

A Start U3CM report of the event is available here.

We would like to extend a thank you to the Start U3CM team for having organised this event and to the attending students for your attention and enthusiasm!


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